Tax Day

By Bryan Dorr, 15 Apr. 2014 at 17:20 PT


A little something for #DrawAWerewolfDay that also happens to be Tax Day in the United States.

Draw a Werewolf Day is held on the day of a full moon. It is hosted by WerewolfNews.

When the ‘Blood Moon’ Rises

By Bryan Dorr, 14 Apr. 2014 at 13:24 PT

2008 Lunar Eclispe Composite Image

On April 15, the Tax Man, Wolf Man, and the Blood Moon cometh.

The total lunar eclipse will happen on April 15, 2014, beginning around 9:53 p.m. Pacific Time. The weather is questionable tonight as the forecast calls for showers. Anyhow, enjoy the image I shot on August 28, 2007, and compiled into the image above.

‘WolfCop’ practical makeup, effects still the way to go

By Bryan Dorr, 09 Apr. 2014 at 13:02 PT

Before the furred up, badge-carrying, gun-toting, beer-chugging werewolf WolfCop makes his premiere on the big screen in Canada on June 6, 2014, how about a peek at some of the behind-the-scene makeup and effect works?

Horror-Movies published a post by Jason McDonald today “The Gore and Makeup FX of Wolfcop (Exclusive)” with the video and commentary about the practical effects used in WolfCop. I absolutely agree with Jason when he says, “It used to be that creating a good looking werewolf with practical effects was the mark of a solid special effects artist.” Today, practical makeup, costumes, and effects are replaced with computer generated images or CGI made by “soulless machines.”

I can go on all day about practical vs. computer effects and costumes, but that’s for another post. For now, just sit back and watch Emersen Ziffle work his werewolf magic in this great YouTube video.


WatchMojo ‘redux’ top ten werewolf movies with significant ranking revisions

By Bryan Dorr, 09 Apr. 2014 at 10:04 PT

Back in January 2013 WatchMojo released a short online video featuring “Top 10 Werewolf Movies.” The original list featured ten werewolf movies. Since then opinions changed, the list was revised, and a new “redux” video was released today. As you can see below in the list the “redux” rankings have changed order and had titles added or removed.

Rank Original “Redux”
10 “The Twilight Saga” “Bad Moon”
9 “Dog Soldiers” “Teen Wolf”
8 “Bad Moon” “Wolf”
7 “Teen Wolf” “Ginger Snaps”
6 “Ginger Snaps” “The Wolf Man” (’41)
5 “The Howling” “Underworld” (franchise)
4 “Wolf” “Silver Bullet”
3 “Silver Bullet” “Dog Soldiers”
2 “The Wolf Man” (’41) “The Howling”
1 “An American Werewolf
in London”
“An American Werewolf
in London”

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Renaissance Magazine talks lycanthropy

By Bryan Dorr, 08 Apr. 2014 at 16:06 PT

If you have not already caught the latest (February/March 2014) print issue of “Renaissance Faires & Culture,” you might miss an intriguing short article on lycanthropy. Kenaz Filan writes about when a time the medieval era perceived such behavior common with lycanthropy. Such behavior observed by doctors at the time called it an illness, but the European authorities considered lycanthropy a satanic pact. The punishment was extremely brutal.

Today the word “lycanthropy” evokes American werewolves in London. In the Middle Ages it was a manifestation of sorcery and satanic possession, while to Greek physicians of late antiquity and doctors of the Islamic world, this mysterious ailment was a treatable medical condition.

The article also features some interesting illustrations, including a graphic illustration of a wolfman feasting on a human leg.

The article “Lycanthropy” is not online. You can pick up a copy of “Renaissance Faires and Culture” at your local bookstore in the U.S. and Canada before the next issue (April/May) comes out on the newsstands.

My thanks and credit to @marcmcgaugh1975 via Twitter for the tip!