‘Memoirs of a Lycanthrope’ leaves ‘not pretty’ results in a good werewolf way

Being a werewolf and an actress does have its perks, thrills, and challenges. Lykanos Wulfheart’s latest werewolf short “Memoirs of a Lycanthrope” tells the story of a an actress who becomes a werewolf and trying to work her way up in the field. As she is hired on, the director makes the situation uncomfortable, until she deals with it with “tooth and claw.” 

You’ve probably heard of her. Watched her on the big screen. She’s just your typical big-name actress with a dark secret. Feel free to read her memoir, but keep in mind… it’s not pretty.

The story was originally intended to be published in the “Werewolves Vs. Hollywood” series, but the author decided to share it on FurAffinity and Sofurry.

“This was for Werewolves Vs Hollywood, but, like last time, there was too much competition to get in,” Lykanos wrote in the introduction featured on Sofurry. “I thought it turned out well, though, so I’m sharing it with you.”

“Memoirs of a Lycanthrope is an intimate, intense, and thrilling werewolf short story with “not pretty” action in a good werewolf way.

Read on SoFurry: “Memoirs of a Lycanthrope”

Read on FurAffinty (login required): “Memoirs of a Lycanthrope”

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