Drawing Challenge and it’s Werewolf Paws Down

Cartoon Network posted on Twitter (@cartoonnetwork) a side-by-side drawing comparison between a bear and werewolf style hand-drawn art. In the left frame is “We Bare Bears Style” features a panda bear dancing and talking a selfie. In the right frame, the “Werewolf Style” features a raging werewolf with a smashed smartphone on the ground.

So, which one did I think was better? I’m saying the werewolf drawing is more impressive. My reason is not bias for the sake that it is a werewolf, but for the excellent quality and smoothness of the inking work while wearing rubber werewolf paw gloves with claws.

Both art are great for illustrating how the drawing process is done. Challenges that inspire artistic creativity, such as this one done by Cartoon Network is something I highly support.

To view the video, click here.

(Image: @cartoonnetwork via Twitter)

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