Presidential ‘Werewolf’ Adoption Myth Debunked

A couple of days ago I posted a piece to share about a werewolf myth based out of Argentina, the Argentina president adopted a Jewish man to prevent him turning into a werewolf. Now, I have learned the mythical reason behind this adoption may not be true.

The Guardian (UK) reported the Argentina president did not adopt a Jewish child to stop him from turning into a werewolf or el lobizón (the child is reportedly a 21-year old adult child). The original claim echoed throughout the internet, including on LycanTimes, before The Guardian chimed in with a well-written explanation.

Yep, I took the bait and ran with it, but only to share what is out there. This is a good lesson on trusting information over the internet, whether it’s actual or tabloid news. Whether the myth was true or not, it does make for a good werewolf discussion.

The Werewolf that Once Waved at Traffic

A few years back, a fuzzy brown werewolf with beady red eyes and tidy gray t-shirt, smiled and waved at the passing cars on NW 185th Ave.

This werewolf window art was painted on the f.y.e. store in the Tanasbourne area in Beaverton, Oregon, for a movie promotion in 2010. The werewolf was on the window until the store permanently closed in March, 2012. A dental and health clinic now occupy the space.

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Be a Werewolf, Eat People in ‘Werewolf Tycoon’

Have you ever wanted to be a werewolf and eat people? There is a simulation game available for download where you can just do that.

Werewolf Tycoon is a werewolf stealth simulation game developed by Joe Williamson and Sam Twidale. The player is a werewolf lurking behind a bench on a full moon night, awaiting for its prey.

Become the Big Bad Wolf of Werewolf Park in this werewolf stealth simulation game. Eat as many people as you can, but pace yourself, try not to be seen, and do not let witnesses escape. After all, things could get tricky if too many people become aware of your existence!

I downloaded this fun little game on my Android phone and played with it for a little bit. Once I figured out the movement and the objective, I found it amusing and entertaining. There’s so much joy being a werewolf and tossing little humans into your mouth like popcorn.

The goal in the game is to eat everyone without allowing witness to escape, the people, the press, and the armed military when they are called out, then it could be lights out. It’s a fun little game that I highly recommend.

Werewolf Tycoon is available for download for free on Google Play store, Apple App Store, and Amazon App Store.


Kiggins Theatre to Feature Pre-HOWL CON Werewolf Movie Night

The historic Kiggins Theatre in downtown Vancouver, Wash., is kicking off HOWL CON with werewolf movie night on Friday, February 6, 2015. reports the movies will be a “combination of horror-comedy and straightforward werewolf monster.”

General admission tickets will be discounted for HOWL CON general passholders and free admission for patron-level passholders.

HOWL CON says the titles and other details are yet to be determined. The concession proceeds will be shared with HOWL CON’s partner charity.

HOWL CON 2015 is held at the Red Lion at the Quay in Vancouver, Washington, on February 7 and 8.

Howling Great Time at HOWL CON 2012

Author’s note: This post was revived from the archives. It originally published on October 15, 2012.

As I said back in September, I am going to HOWL CON, a werewolf-themed convention happening at the Monarch Hotel & Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. The location is convenient for me since it is four miles from my home in Milwaukie.

I show up on Friday night for the meet-and-greet. I purchase my weekend pass for admission for all three days. The turnout at the meet-and-greet looks a bit a on the bit light side. The experience meeting new people with similar interests and lollygag all evening, however, makes the evening worthwhile.

Saturday is the first full day of HOWL CON. Guest speakers, panels, games, workshops, and dancing fill the schedule. Two events, one at Main Stage and one at The Den, typically happen within the one-hour block. This means one needs to decode on which event to participate. The missed events will have to wait for next year.

I join Jess Hartley for the “Short and Sweet (or Scary!)” discussion on writing flash fiction, microfiction, and other short works. I am learning something new here: people Tweet their fictional stories in 140 characters or less. I will stick with a website (and save myself from any further un-follows on Twitter), and prevent unwanted emergency calls if one thinks the fiction is reality.

Special guest Silas Weir Mitchell entertains the audience with his discussion during a Q&A session with host Jess Hartley.  Mitchell plays the wolf-like creature called a blutbad in the Portland filmed-and-set television series Grimm. Mitchell explains that a blutbad is not a werewolf, but a blutbad.  During the discussion about a bookstore experience, he raises a large book titled “The Werewolf Book” above his head. Mitchell sticks  around after the discussion to sign autographs on a Grimm poster before moving on to the next discussion “Lycanthropes and Lawyers?” with Rev. Dr. Phillip A. Bernhardt-House.

By then it is 1:30 p.m. and my stomach growls for food.  I walk over to Red Robins next door for a burger to satisfy my hunger.

I return to the convention to join the “Werewolves in the Movies: Silent through the Seventies” discussion with author Nic Brown. I take notes here because there are some classic gems I must check out, such as “Wolfblood” and “Le Loup Garou.”

Not everything at HOWL CON is based on fantasy, mythology, or fiction. Wolf Haven International representative Skie Bender presents a report on the wolf conservation and recovery progress throughout the U.S. when wolves nearly became extinct.  I felt this is one of the most important presentations at the event, because wolves are completely helpless and voiceless when it encountering man. The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife killed off the Wedge Pack using a sniper in a helicopter. I find that humans are the most barbaric predatory animals on Earth.

I join Nic’s discussion “Werewolf Movies: 1981 through last Tuesday” (last Tuesday being Oct.9, 2012, the release of Werewolf: The Beast Among Us) in progress near the conclusion.

Steve Coker presents a trailer for Varsity Cheerleader Werewolves From Outer Space, an independent movie similar to what Stripperland does for zombies in the Portland-area. I see the school’s exterior and the interior and it looks familiar because it is filmed at my old high school in Vancouver, Washington. Cheesy campy movies are so much fun to watch.

“Writing the Modern Werewolf” panel features J. Anne Fullerton, Rhiannon Held, Nic Brown, Jason Andrew, and Satryos Phil Brucato. It is intriguing to hear about the different uses for werewolf characters in stories.

The convention’s small size and attendance gives it a relaxed and informal feel. This also gives it greater opportunity in engagement during panels and discussions. Meeting new people, carrying on a good conversation, and leaving with new information and ideas makes HOWL CON a success. HOWL CON needs to return for 2013!

I give my special thanks to all the panelists, vendors, guest speakers, and most of all to Stephen Couchman for making HOWL CON possible!

On one note: On Saturday night, a personal matter came up and I had to leave town on Sunday, therefore, missing the evening events Saturday and all events on Sunday. I am looking forward to attending again next year.