‘WolfCop’ Blu-ray/DVD Extras Offers In-depth of History, Behind the Scenes

Writer and director Lowell Dean’s WolfCop unleashed onto cinematic big screens in Canada the summer of 2014, then later in select locations around the world. Viewers might have experienced Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) WolfCop at his finest being the most slacking and drunken werewolf deputy on the big silver screen, but with the release of the Blu-ray and DVD on March 10 in the U.S. and Canada, there is more to this independently made Canadian WolfCop in the feature’s extras.

WolfCop Blu-ray and DVD extras have plenty to offer on the movie from conception to premiering on the big silver screen. The behind the scenes “featurette” features an informative look and commentary on WolfCop’s concept, production, and final release, including acceleration contest funding through Cinecoup. It also includes in-depth commentary from actors and crews in the filming of the movie. The behind the scenes feature also looks at the now infamous practical werewolf penis transformation scene. Nothing made me smile more than the strong emphasis on practical effects and costumes.

The extras also feature segments from the Cinecoup acceleration contest that started in March 2013. Extras also include film outtakes and bloopers with plenty of that is focusing on one particular prop (as Tina (Amy Matysio) says, “Oh nuts”), the WolfCop music video, movie trailers, and “special thanks” credits. This is all rather amusing.

It seems I may have to watch WolfCop again. Viewers can turn on the film commentary from writer/director Lowell Dean and special effects artist Emersen Ziffle. You can listen to their commentary throughout the main feature.

The extras made the Blu-ray purchase worth it, but then again I am also a WolfCop-aholic.

WolfCop Blu-ray and DVDs are now on sale at Best Buy stores in the United States and Canada.

Commentary Feature Update: I watched WolfCop again with the audio commentary turned on. The commentary by both Lowell Dean and Emersen Ziffle is informative and amusing. It is recommended that you watch the movie without the commentary first as the commentary does contain spoilers.