‘HOWL CON’ Hotel to Close This Fall

The hotel that was to host HOWL CON 2016 is closing this fall.

The Columbian (Vancouver, Wash.) newspaper reported Thursday the 1960s-built Red Lion Inn on the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington, will close October 31, 2015. The land is planned for redevelopment.

The Red Lion Inn at the Quay was set to host the third HOWL CON werewolf-themed convention on February 6-7, 2016.

HOWL CON confirmed a go for HOWL CON 2016 back in February a week after HOWL CON 2015 ended.

No information has been available yet for changes to HOWL CON 2016.

Update. Aug. 29, 2015: To give you an idea how sudden this announcement was, I spoke to a friend at a party Friday night who was hired on at the Red Lion Inn at the Quay a few weeks ago.

On This Day: August 23, 1985

In 1985 on this day, Scott Howard (Michael J. Fox), the beer-demanding, van-surfing, and slam-dunking werewolf sported off on the big screens across the nation in the fantasy comedy, Teen Wolf.

Scott’s wolfing out father, Harold (James Hampton), and his slogan shirt-wearing and slacker friend, Stiles (Jerry Levine), make Teen Wolf somewhat howl worthy.

Teen Wolf grossed $33 million in the U.S. Ironically the production company’s name was Wolfkill, according to IMDB.com.

“Get me a keg of beer!”

On This Day: August 21

In 1981 on this day, John Landis’ werewolf comedy-horror beast, An American Werewolf in London unleashes in theaters in the United States.

This is a story of two students, David Kessler (David Naughton) and Jack Goodman (Griffin Dunne), travel to England. A werewolf attacks the two during their travel while walking on the moors, despite warnings from the locals.

AWIL’s first transformation scene practical effects and character makeup earned makeup artist Rick Baker his first Academy Award Oscar for Best Makeup.

First Issue ‘WEREWOLVES VERSUS’ Unleashed

Sixteen authors and artists have compiled their werewolf-related writing, comics, poetry, and art into the 81-page digital compilation, “WEREWOLVES VERSUS THE 1990s,” which unleashed on Wednesday night.

“WEREWOLF VERSUS” is a “twice-yearly ‘zine that pits werewolves against a different physical, cultural or ideological foe each issue,” according to its website at http://werewolvesversus.tumblr.com.

Feature authors and artists in the first edition are Craig J. Clark, Laura Cuthbert, Lew “Veirgacht” Delport, HamsterToybox, Hannah Kate, Joey Liverwurst, Ludovic, Todd A. McCullough, Kathy Lea Moyou, A. Quinton, Mike Roukas, Slay, Tah the Trickster, Tandye, Dan Wallbank, and Joe Williamson.

The cost for the digital download is “pay-what-you-want.” The proceeds are distributed equally to all the contributors and the host, Gumroad. The copy is available for download at http://werewolvesversus.tumblr.com.

Contributors interested in contributing to the next issue can sign up at their website and receive notification when the next issue begins accepting contributions.