HOWL CON Looking to Return in 2017

“The world’s only horror & fantasy convention for Werewolf fans” is looking to come back in 2017! That little announcement came to me personally from the “Con Alpha” Stephen Couchman himself when  I saw him at Furlandia in Portland, Oregon, this past weekend.

HOWL CON plans on hosting another convention in the Portland, Oregon, in February 2017, as also announced on their Facebook page. The registration campaign is planned to run from July 1, 2016 to August 15, 2016, through Indiegogo.

More information and details will be updated on HOWL CON’s Facebook page.

I will have more thoughts about the HOWL CON return after I have more information. For now, I want to help get the word out sooner.

Editor’s note: The website appears to had been removed at the time of publishing of this post.


What’s With Sgt. Wu on ‘Grimm’?

Note: The following content contains spoilers.

So, what is going on with Portland Police Sargent Wu on Grimm lately?

The humorous, wise-cracking Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee) has encountered some strange turn of events in the on Grimm lately. In the past, he’s ended up in a psychiatric ward in Season 3 “Mommy Dearest” episode after his first encounter with a creature, or Wesen.

After his first encounter and some coaching from detectives Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) who is a Grimm, and Hank Griffin (Russel Hornsby), Sgt. Wu has adapted to Wesen encounters, from woging (transforming) to responding to a gruesome Wesen-related crime scene.

Two seasons later, the series takes a brief stray from the Brother Grimm fairytales scenarios and leaps into the lycanthropy and werewolf mythology in the “Lycanthropia” episode. (Not sure if that was a spin from the name “Portlandia” the TV series or the statute perched on that hideous Portland Building).

In “Lycanthropia,” campers were violently attacked in the woods by a mysterious creature. Nick and Hank are called out to investigate the horrific, gory crime scene with the help of a wolf-like Blutbaden Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and fox-like Fuchsbau Rosalee (Bree Turner). The detectives trace the suspect back to a house where a mother and a son live. The son is taken in to the precinct for questioning and observation, but he’s eager to return home on a full moon night.

Without her son present, the mother tries to restrain herself in her safe room for her transformation. The mother transformed and escapes her safe room and is now on the loose. The detectives and her son arrive, encountering her in combative ways. Sgt. Wu tries to take the werewolf mother down, but he is scratched on the leg. The mother is shot dead. The son transforms and bellows out a mournful howl.

In “Lycantropia” episode, Monroe explains the difference between the Blutbads and lycanthropes. Blutbads are Wesens and are not werewolves, but simply wolf-like creatures in appearance whereas lycanthropes are human that transform under certain conditions. (The first time I learned about the difference between werewolves and Blutbads was from Silas himself at HOWLCON 2012 in Portland, Oregon.)

In the later episodes, several events are unfolding. Black Claw is invading Portland, parental issues with Nick, Police captain Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz) with Adalind (Claire Coffee) and the kids Kelly and Diane.

Meanwhile, for Sgt. Wu, he’s experiencing some symptoms of lycanthropy. He’s awakening from startling nightmares. In one situation, he’s dreaming of running free in the woods, chasing down a prey, in similar fashion in the dream scene in An American Werewolf in London,then waking up to hacking a chunk of fur into the bathroom sink. He’s also experiencing heightened senses.

The “Taming of the Wu” episode where we do get to see Sgt. Wu transform. He appears to be Neanderthal-like.

I am a little disappointed. How does lycanthropy passed on by a werewolf make one appear like a primal human being?

I have completely lost the connection unless there is something I do not know until Season 6 starts later in the summer or fall. It’s unfortunate when a werewolf attack victim turns out to be like a primitive human being in the cast for “The Cave Men” than the werewolves we all know from the mythology and folklore. Albeit it, Sgt. Wu transformed is one violent character, leaving quite a gruesome, gory results.

The turn of events were six episodes ago. Season 5 just wrapped up last Friday (May 20). Season 6 is a go, so we’ll have to see what unfolds there. I might be jumping to conclusions too early.

Grimm is still a fantastic series that still keeps me interested.

Photo: Scott Green/NBC