Bring Back HOWL CON!

After a cancellation in 2016, HOWLCON wants to make a return in 2017! The werewolf and fantasy convention hosted in the Portland (Ore.) metropolitan area, plans on returning in February 2017.

For this to happen, HOWL CON is running a crowdfunding campaign from July 1, 2016 to August 15, 2016. More information on the crowdfunding is available at HOWL CON’s 2017 Crowdfunding event page on Facebook. Go to the event page to sign up for notifications. HOWL CON is also on Twitter at @howlconpdx.

HOWL CON is a great convention for werewolf enthusiasts and aficionados to come together to explore and discuss all things werewolves. Attendees attend panels on werewolf-related topics. Meet the artists of werewolf art or authors of werewolf stories and novels and know more about their background. Meet werewolf makeup artists and costume builders and see the behind the scenes look and tips.

HOWL CON cancelled the 2016 event, which was to be held 40 miles north of Portland in the small town of Kelso, Washington. The convention relocated last summer when the original venue across the river from Portland in Vancouver, Washington, closed for demolition and redevelopment.

HOWL CON 2012 in Clackamas, Oregon, and HOWL CON 2015 in Vancouver, Washington, were a success. HOWL CON 2013 was the only other event that cancelled due to low pre-registration and that it was held in the month of October, likely from coinciding with other Halloween events.

HOWL CON’s official website,, apparently is offline.

‘Werewolf Airline Simulator 2016’ Now Arriving at Gate 8

Airline simulators are aplenty. The players typically find themselves sitting in the pilot seat, trying to perform an entire flight function from backout from Point A to parking at the gate at Point B. There is another flight simulator, but this one puts the player into the cabin.

Pestel Crew developed a simulator game, “Werewolf Airline Simulator 2016.” The goals: keep the passengers happy and the DC-10’s cabin clean. It is you, the shapeshifting flight attendant to do your job and not get fired. In the process, you may become a chainsaw-wielding werewolf, a skateboarding beaver, or a sweeping raccoon, all with the 70’s funk music.

For each success, the passengers cheer and the thick mustached pilot donning pilot cap and aviator glasses spins onto the screen.

“Werewolf Airline Simulator” is not rated. There is a bit of gore in some action. The game is available for download at