NBC ends ‘Grimm’ at Season 6

This Portland-based werewolf is howling mournfully and growling a bit on the reported news of the NBC fantasy television series, Grimm.

NBCUniversal reports in the press release on August 29 that Grimm will wrap up its final season with thirteen episodes starting on January 6, 2017.

“The sixth and final season of NBC’s drama “Grimm” will begin its last chapter with the battle fans have long been waiting for — Nick versus Capt. Renard,” NBCUniversal’s press release states.

Grimm is about two Portland Police detectives interacting and solving crimes with humans transforming into creatures called wesen. The pilot episode aired on October 28, 2011.

I will have my full thoughts about the Grimm series posted here on PDXWerewolf.com after the final episode airs in 2017.

Help Bring the Ever-awesome “Robot Werewolf” to Portland’s FrightFest

I have a strong desire to pull out my credit card from my wallet and throw it at this werewolf, because I want to see this robotic lycanthrope beast in action at FrightTown, a Halloween haunt display in Portland, Oregon. Who would want to see this robot at FrightTown this year? I know I sure do. You can find out more and help by contributing to the “Robot Werewolf” GoFundMe fundraising campaign and help make it happen.

Meanwhile, enjoy this 8-foot beast in your presence.

‘Werewolf Versus Music’ Unleashes Aug. 30

The third of the “Werewolf Versus” digital magazine series, “Werewolf Versus: Music” is set to be released tomorrow, August 30. The digital magazine is over 150 pages of compiled works tribute to werewolves that includes short stories, comics, paintings, essays, and downloadable songs from fifteen contributors . For more details, to pre-order now or to order on Aug. 30, visit their webpage.

AWIL Still Picked as Best Practical Transformation Effect

It’s no surprise that John Landis’s “An American Werewolf In London” was picked for the best movie transformation effect in the non-scientific PDXWerewolf.com Twitter poll.

The poll posted on Wednesday and over the course of 24 hours, 48 voters have made their picks.

The pack leader comes to as no surprise. 69 percent chose the 1981 Academy Award winning comedy-horror for the Makeup category, An American Werewolf In London.

Coming in second is the 1981 horror-thriller The Howling, which received 17 percent of the votes.

The vaguely “other” category received 10 percent of the votes. On Twitter, @Lord_Stabdagger suggested the 1984 fantasy-horror Company of Wolves. The BBC version of television series “Being Human” werewolf transformation scene involving George was another selection, but the poll asked for movie practical transformation effects.

Coming in last at 4 percent was the 2014 independent Canadian film about a drunken sheriff deputy who becomes a drunken werewolf, WolfCop.

The original poll Tweet is posted here. Some of the comments in the thread may be omitted due to user’s Twitter protection settings.