Draw A Werewolf Day: ‘Where’s My Coffee?’

The hunt for fresh meat overnight was successful, but the hunt for the morning coffee still needs to be had. His overnight “carnivorous lunar activities” has spent his fuel. No coffee makes for an extremely cranky werewolf as his fuel depletes and resulting in a mid-morning crash. Time to give this werewolf some coffee. A word to the wise: do not offer the werewolf decaf coffee; it will not end well for the one serving the coffee.

Today is also Draw a Werewolf Day, as it is also the “Harvest Moon” full moon. How can you get on the werewolf art action? Draw anything werewolfy. It does not matter if you are a pro artist or drawing a simple stick-figure werewolf, if it is werewolf, it is good to go. The rule is that it must be art that you created on the assigned Draw a Werewolf Day (full moon day)

(or +/- one day to accommodate overseas participants). To submit your own Draw a Werewolf drawing or to view the archives, go visit drawawerewolf.tumblr.com or Tweet on Twitter using the hashtag #DrawAWerewolfDay.

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The Ugly Werewolf ‘Interview With the News’ is Thoughtful, Amusing

Last night I enjoyed listening to a great podcast from The Ugly Werewolf, “#12 The Ugly Werewolf: Interview With the News.” The recent episode features the Portland (Ore.)-based host, Nodnash, and the guest, err “a guest” A. Quinton, the founder of the werewolf website Werewolf-news.com and the editor of the “Monster Versus” series.

The episode dives deep into discussions about HowlCon 2017, the movie Teen Wolf, and a review on a Bad Dragon werewolf-related adult toy in an informative, thoughtful, and amusing discussion.

If you have 74 minutes of free time at home, you may want to give this episode a listen. I highly advise not to listen to this at work given some language and a discussion on adult toys.

One little disclaimer: this is the first of The Ugly Werewolf podcast I have listened to and I intend to listen to more later.

Now, go listen to “#12 The Ugly Werewolf: Interview With the News.”

I Miss This Ale

September has arrived. As many food and beverage transform into something related to pumpkin spice, there is one other thing I crave for in the fall. It’s definitely beer. It’s definitely werewolf. It’s the Newcastle Werewolf Blood Red Ale.

In 2013 and 2014, I picked up a few 6-packs and enjoyed a few. I can’t quite recall how it was then, but I definitely drank it down, so it had to have been good. I kept a few unopened bottles for keepsakes.

In 2015 and now in 2016, I cannot find any Newcastle Werewolf Blood Red Ale in the Portland area, including across the river in Vancouver, Washington. It is a little disappointing that it dampens the Halloween spirit for not being available.

Heineken USA produced the werewolf ale seasonally in the early fall from August to October, apparently between 2012 and 2014.