The Original Dog Soldiers

A World War II-era newspaper may have conceived “dog soldiers” fifty-nine years before Dog Soldiers released in theaters.

Camp Roberts (Calif.) Dispatch ran a series of photo-cartoon public service announcements for soldiers called “Rookie Nightmares” during World War II. These segments were the lessons taught from rookie mistakes during the first weeks entering service.

In “Army Wolves” segment, a uniformed soldier and his civilian-dressed girl friend are on the post for the first time. A group of uniformed “wolves” (honestly, resembling more like German shepherd) surround and grasp the romancing couple.

“The striped wolf is the most dangerous of the species,” the narrative read, meaning the stripes were those of non-commissioned officers (NCO).

A lesson to be learned whom you bring into the pack’s den. Not everyone is accepted.

(Author’s note: I photographed this exhibit at Fort Stevens State Park in Hammond, Oregon.)

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