‘Werewolf Women of the Canadian North’

The title Werewolf Women of the Canadian North sounds like another campy cheesefest B-movie. Sadly, this is not a real movie. Werewolf Women of the Canadian North is a parody horror movie poster produced by Heartattackjack on Deviant Art.

A wolfed-out, flannel shirt-wearing she-wolf with a axe-wielding woman and semi truck dominate the frame. The tagline: “Lycantrope Lumberjack Ladies on the Loose. Terror on the Trans-Canada.”

I see Thelma and Louise meets She-Wolf of London and The Hitcher. Whatever the combination is, I’m amused. This movie needs a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to become a thing.

Check out Heartattackjack’s poster on DeviantArt (mature content). You can also order your own copy at Redbubble.com.