Well, Hello! WCHC Werewolf Window Art

Well, look at this gorgeousness on the window at the Lloyd Center Hilton Hotel.

Werewolf-News.com A. Quinton, UglyWerewolf.com’s Nodnash, and I finished breakfast at Milo’s Cafe on Sunday morning. A. Quinton and I headed back to the hotel and in search of coffee along the way. We didn’t find of coffee much along the way, but found this amazing window art along the NE 11th Ave. side of the hotel. That was after we both just turned around after staring at a closed coffee shop across the block for about a minute or two.

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Draw A Werewolf Day: ‘Where’s My Coffee?’

The hunt for fresh meat overnight was successful, but the hunt for the morning coffee still needs to be had. His overnight “carnivorous lunar activities” has spent his fuel. No coffee makes for an extremely cranky werewolf as his fuel depletes and resulting in a mid-morning crash. Time to give this werewolf some coffee. A word to the wise: do not offer the werewolf decaf coffee; it will not end well for the one serving the coffee.

Today is also Draw a Werewolf Day, as it is also the “Harvest Moon” full moon. How can you get on the werewolf art action? Draw anything werewolfy. It does not matter if you are a pro artist or drawing a simple stick-figure werewolf, if it is werewolf, it is good to go. The rule is that it must be art that you created on the assigned Draw a Werewolf Day (full moon day)

(or +/- one day to accommodate overseas participants). To submit your own Draw a Werewolf drawing or to view the archives, go visit drawawerewolf.tumblr.com or Tweet on Twitter using the hashtag #DrawAWerewolfDay.

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Werewolf Art: Werewolf Photographer

My art from M. Claire (on Twitter as @NCogsmith) of yours truly snapping a photo arrived Tuesday night. The art looks fantastic!

I commissioned the art from her about two years ago. I totally forgot about the commission until she emailed me Tuesday with the art attached. Seeing that email and art was a great surprise to me.

The illustration shows me (PDX Werewolf) ready to snap a photograph with a digital SLR camera. The pose is based off of my earlier black and white website header showing me in werewolf form, ready to take a picture.

Thank you for creating this wonderful werewolfy art, M. Claire. I love it!

Art: © 2016 M. Claire. Used with permission.

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The Original Dog Soldiers

A World War II-era newspaper may have conceived “dog soldiers” fifty-nine years before Dog Soldiers released in theaters.

Camp Roberts (Calif.) Dispatch ran a series of photo-cartoon public service announcements for soldiers called “Rookie Nightmares” during World War II. These segments were the lessons taught from rookie mistakes during the first weeks entering service.

In “Army Wolves” segment, a uniformed soldier and his civilian-dressed girl friend are on the post for the first time. A group of uniformed “wolves” (honestly, resembling more like German shepherd) surround and grasp the romancing couple.

“The striped wolf is the most dangerous of the species,” the narrative read, meaning the stripes were those of non-commissioned officers (NCO).

A lesson to be learned whom you bring into the pack’s den. Not everyone is accepted.

(Author’s note: I photographed this exhibit at Fort Stevens State Park in Hammond, Oregon.)

‘Werewolf Women of the Canadian North’

The title Werewolf Women of the Canadian North sounds like another campy cheesefest B-movie. Sadly, this is not a real movie. Werewolf Women of the Canadian North is a parody horror movie poster produced by Heartattackjack on Deviant Art.

A wolfed-out, flannel shirt-wearing she-wolf with a axe-wielding woman and semi truck dominate the frame. The tagline: “Lycantrope Lumberjack Ladies on the Loose. Terror on the Trans-Canada.”

I see Thelma and Louise meets She-Wolf of London and The Hitcher. Whatever the combination is, I’m amused. This movie needs a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to become a thing.

Check out Heartattackjack’s poster on DeviantArt (mature content). You can also order your own copy at Redbubble.com.

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