‘Werewolf Versus Music’ Unleashes Aug. 30

The third of the “Werewolf Versus” digital magazine series, “Werewolf Versus: Music” is set to be released tomorrow, August 30. The digital magazine is over 150 pages of compiled works tribute to werewolves that includes short stories, comics, paintings, essays, and downloadable songs from fifteen contributors . For more details, to pre-order now or to order on Aug. 30, visit their webpage.

Second ‘Werewolves Versus’ Unleashed

The second “Werewolves Versus ” compilation unleashed today! The 176-page “Werewolves Versus Romance” compilation of werewolf short stories, illustrations, and comics by 17 contributors is now available for purchase at a “name your fair price.

“WVR” the second issue of the “Werewolf Versus” series by Argyle Werewolf. The first issue, “Werewolves Versus the 1990s” was released in August 2015.

Feel the Transformation in ‘The Serum’

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to transform into a werewolf?

In Lykanos Wuffheart’s “The Serum,” David visits a doctor for an experimental test on a serum that can make a person transform into a werewolf. The story describes the transformation in fine detail with David providing statuses to the doctor and an assistant.

Was the experiment a success? You will need to read “The Serum” for the experiment results and doctor’s report.

“The Serum” is available on FurAffinity and DeviantArt.

First Issue ‘WEREWOLVES VERSUS’ Unleashed

Sixteen authors and artists have compiled their werewolf-related writing, comics, poetry, and art into the 81-page digital compilation, “WEREWOLVES VERSUS THE 1990s,” which unleashed on Wednesday night.

“WEREWOLF VERSUS” is a “twice-yearly ‘zine that pits werewolves against a different physical, cultural or ideological foe each issue,” according to its website at http://werewolvesversus.tumblr.com.

Feature authors and artists in the first edition are Craig J. Clark, Laura Cuthbert, Lew “Veirgacht” Delport, HamsterToybox, Hannah Kate, Joey Liverwurst, Ludovic, Todd A. McCullough, Kathy Lea Moyou, A. Quinton, Mike Roukas, Slay, Tah the Trickster, Tandye, Dan Wallbank, and Joe Williamson.

The cost for the digital download is “pay-what-you-want.” The proceeds are distributed equally to all the contributors and the host, Gumroad. The copy is available for download at http://werewolvesversus.tumblr.com.

Contributors interested in contributing to the next issue can sign up at their website and receive notification when the next issue begins accepting contributions.