Lupine Werewolf

He stood dressed in a black robe with a staff with a wolf head carved on the head. His ruffled black fur, glowing blue eyes, snarling off-white teeth and pink gums, the glossy black nose was prominent. Meet Lupine Werewolf.

I finally met Lupine Werewolf (Twitter as @RaymondRatayski) at the Biggest Little Fur Con in Reno, Nevada, this last weekend. Normally, he would wear a 30-link chain that weighs nearly 80 pounds, but for BLFC, he had to skip as that would be an issue for airline baggage.

The head work has incredible, realistic detail. I absolutely love the quality and detail on the head. The head was made by @Crystume, based in Sequim, Washington.

Lupine is from Pennsylvania.

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The Masks of the West Coast Haunters Convention


The West Coast Haunters Convention happened in Portland, Oregon, this past weekend. On the vendor show floor, a few werewolf masks were spotted on display from a few vendors.

The first series of masks featured is a well-crafted head (above) and hand claw glove set (below) sold by Necrotic Creation. The gray fur on both the head and gloves are crafted to give the fur a realistic and natural look on the gray “skin.” The eye holes are actually located inside the mouth, so this particular werewolf will be wandering around with its muzzle wide open. “Feed me!”

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Help Bring the Ever-awesome “Robot Werewolf” to Portland’s FrightFest

I have a strong desire to pull out my credit card from my wallet and throw it at this werewolf, because I want to see this robotic lycanthrope beast in action at FrightTown, a Halloween haunt display in Portland, Oregon. Who would want to see this robot at FrightTown this year? I know I sure do. You can find out more and help by contributing to the “Robot Werewolf” GoFundMe fundraising campaign and help make it happen.

Meanwhile, enjoy this 8-foot beast in your presence.