Upcoming: West Coast Haunters Convention 2017

West Coast Haunters Convention is coming up May 12-14, 2017 in Portland, Oregon. WCHC is a convention featuring ideas, products, and panels on Halloween haunt displays for professionals, enthusiasts, or for those just stepping into the crypt. Saturday night features the costume ball.

I will be attending WCHC 2017 for Saturday and Sunday only, including the costume ball. Look me up and come say awoo!

WCHC is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization supporting children with hearing impairment and/or autism.

Photo: WCHC 2012 by Bryan J. Dorr.

You Can Own a Piece if ‘Grimm’

As the fantasy police drama television series Grimm wraps up it’s final season this month, you can take home a piece of Grimm.

This weekend, the show is liquidating all its props at a warehouse in Portland, Oregon, on Friday, March 11, according to the liquidation event page on EstateSales.net. A variety of props, large and small, fill the warehouse, ranging from clothing to signs, from antiques to electronics, and set equipment.

The liquidation sale accepts cash and major credit cards (no checks). For safety reasons, children 10 and under are not allowed.

The liquidation sale is Saturday, March 11 and Sunday, March 12 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Monday, March 13 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Location to be announced after 7:00 p.m. on Friday, March 10.

For more information or details, please visit the event page on EstateSales.net.

(Image via EstateSales.net.)

Howlandia Reminds You: Werewolves

HowlCon is dead. I guess that is safe to say now after four cancellations and seeing the poster by “The Ugly Werewolf” Nodnash with “Here Lies HowlCon – Rest In Pizza” in the art. A dead con didn’t stop werewolf enthusiasts from convening for pizza, beer, and a howl about werewolves. Both WerewolfNews and Nodnash hosted a sudden werewolf meetups in Vancouver, B. C., and Portland, Oregon, respectively in lieu of HowlCon.

On Sunday, I attended the meet at Sizzle Pie West Pizza. We were served great pizza in a small pizza restaurant that had no television (thankfully, no television meant no Super Bowl Sunday crowd), but a ton of heavy metal selection in the jukebox . Like being at a convention, there’s networking with other werewolf fans and discussing werewolf art, movies, comics, books, and games.  Sizzle Pie West was a good venue for our purpose. Of course, if we start going into bringing props, costumes, art, or what have you, we might need a little bit more space.

Howlandia has given me a little push—no—shove to be more active in the werewolf fandom. There are not enough werewolves and there needs to be more werewolves. It was fun and I would do it again.

Want to Werewolf in Portland (Ore.) or Vancouver (B.C.)?

Our fellow werewolf fans who are bummed out about a defunct werewolf convention, if you still had plans for the weekend of February 4 and 5, there are two meetups planned.

Werewolf fans in Portland, Oregon, are welcome to join Nodnash of The Ugly Werewolf at Sizzle Pie West in Portland on both February 4th and 5th. Go to the Howlandia Facebook page for more details and mark yourself as going.

Werewolf fans in the Vancouver, British Columbia (not Washington), area are welcome to join A. Q. of Werewolf News is hosting a werewolf meetup and art jam  at the Lelem Arts & Cultural Cafe in Fort Langley, B.C. Go to the Werewolves of the North Art Jam & Meetup Facebook page.

Both events are subject to change. Stay posted by visiting their event pages or following @Nodnash for Portland and @WerewolfNews for Vancouver.

HOWL CON 2017 Officially Cancelled

HOWL CON 2017 is officially cancelled.

A cancellation statement from the chairman Stephen Couchman was released on January 22, 2017, on the convention’s website, HOWLCON.com.

Couchman states the reason being the hotel “exercised their option to nullify our event contract” followed by a “bandwagon effect of withdrawals by guests/panelists.”

The statement also explains the convention’s financial situation and funding tied in with Couchman’s other conventions.

Refund details and options are explained in the statement.

HOWL CON Statement

PDXWerewolf Backing Out, Withdrawing Support for HowlCon

To all my werewolf fans, I am deeply disappointed to announce that I am canceling my attendance at HowlCon 2017. In addition, I will no longer sponsor or support future HowlCon events under the management.

While HowlCon has not officially announced its cancellation, I find it very difficult to attend a convention blind, with no information on program and panels, vendors, and special guests. HowlCon’s Twitter and Facebook updates have went silent since mid-December. My emails to HowlCon’s chairman Steve Couchman inquiring on the convention programming last week and this past Wednesday have not been answered.

Also supporting my reason to cancel, I have learned tonight after a phone call with Ramada Inn Portland Airport that the hotel cancelled the convention. The reason for the cancellation, according to the hotel, is the hotel has not received the deposit funds from the convention organizer.

Keeping attendees, vendors, and guests in the dark and in suspense is unacceptable. Attendees have to plan for time off, travel, lodging, and convention expenses. I saw hope for the convention and very optimistic after the successes of HowlCon 2012 and 2015. As far as I am concerned, HowlCon has let me down. HowlCon has driven the last nail into the coffin. HowlCon has lost my trust.

It is sad, disappointing, and frustrating that this cancellation has once again happened. It has also taught me a lesson about sponsoring and attending future “start up” conventions.

Alternate Werewolf Meetups on HowlCon Weekend In Portland, Vancouver (BC)

If you planned on attending HowlCon on February 4 and 5, 2017, it is looking likely  HowlCon is not happening. My good friend over at Werewolf News has posted a couple of alternate meetups in both Portland, Oregon, with The Ugly Werewolf (@Nodnash) and Vancouver, British Columbia (not the Washington “Couve”) in the works.

Check out Werewolf News’s post at Werewolf-News.com for more details on the upcoming events and follow on Twitter at @WerewolfNews.

I will be attending an alternate private event on both days. There is a chance that I may show up at the Portland event on Sunday, February 5, and join in on the fun.

‘Come Howl With Us’ and Join the Pack at HOWL CON 2017

“Werewolves are the BEST MONSTER,” the headline on HOWL CON’s Indiegogo campaign page boldly states. Indeed, werewolves are the best monster, but the conventions based on and honoring werewolves are very rare. Only HOWL CON has hosted two successful werewolf conventions in the past, but we need to to do more to make werewolf conventions grow.

Last week I reported on HOWL CON starting up for its fundraiser campaign to bring HOWL CON back to Portland, Oregon, on February 4-5, 2017. I am excited to say HOWL CON has launched their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. So, let’s make HOWL CON happen.

From the HOWL CON Alpha, Stephen, from the funding campaign website:

The global community of werewolf lovers has their very own convention . . . sometimes. Hi, I’m Stephen, and I produced two HOWL CON events in 2012 and 2015. Hundreds of lunatics just like you got our socks charmed off by GRIMM’s Silas Weir Mitchell, line-moshed in costume to GrimWolf‘s blood-boiling werewolf metal, laughed ourselves silly at the instant cult classic film Wolf Cop, and raised money & awareness for Wolf Haven International.

Those were great cons, but behind the scenes they were pretty threadbare, achieved on charm, cussedness, and borrowed capabilities. If we’re going to howl together again, especially in the wake of 2016’s failure to launch, let’s do it without begging pardons or cutting corners.

The fundraising campaign is seeking a $15,000 goal within two months (started July 3, 2016). Each tier has it’s own perks, but I recommend at least the $40 weekend pass pre-registration or the $150 attending patron. Some limited tier perks offer lifetime weekend and lifetime patron passes. You can still make an “absentee” contribution, which you can still receive some of the perks if you cannot attend.

Even better, let’s exceed the $15,000 goal that can expand content, special entertainment, or even have a movie event, as we did at HOWL CON 2015.  Personally, I’d like to see the goal reached double. HOWL CON needs to become something big for the werewolf community.

If the goal is not met, HOWL CON keeps the funds as the campaign does have a flexible goal. Stephen says even reaching half of the goal, “that gives us the wherewithal to secure a hotel and book featured guests, and a regular pre-registration campaign will have August-January to finish the job.”

As for those who registered for HOWL CON 2016 and decided to roll over the pre-registration for HOWL CON 2017 (as I did), I inquired via email last night and should have an answer back soon on more details.

The convention location is to be determined, but will be in Portland, Oregon.

I definitely want to be at HOWL CON. It’s definitely a great convention for werewolf fans, costumers, artists, writers, and dealers. Let’s make HOWL CON happen and go fund it.

Be sure to follow @howlconpdx on Twitter or like their Facebook page.

I hope to see you at HOWL CON 2017!

Bring Back HOWL CON!

After a cancellation in 2016, HOWLCON wants to make a return in 2017! The werewolf and fantasy convention hosted in the Portland (Ore.) metropolitan area, plans on returning in February 2017.

For this to happen, HOWL CON is running a crowdfunding campaign from July 1, 2016 to August 15, 2016. More information on the crowdfunding is available at HOWL CON’s 2017 Crowdfunding event page on Facebook. Go to the event page to sign up for notifications. HOWL CON is also on Twitter at @howlconpdx.

HOWL CON is a great convention for werewolf enthusiasts and aficionados to come together to explore and discuss all things werewolves. Attendees attend panels on werewolf-related topics. Meet the artists of werewolf art or authors of werewolf stories and novels and know more about their background. Meet werewolf makeup artists and costume builders and see the behind the scenes look and tips.

HOWL CON cancelled the 2016 event, which was to be held 40 miles north of Portland in the small town of Kelso, Washington. The convention relocated last summer when the original venue across the river from Portland in Vancouver, Washington, closed for demolition and redevelopment.

HOWL CON 2012 in Clackamas, Oregon, and HOWL CON 2015 in Vancouver, Washington, were a success. HOWL CON 2013 was the only other event that cancelled due to low pre-registration and that it was held in the month of October, likely from coinciding with other Halloween events.

HOWL CON’s official website, howlcon.com, apparently is offline.

HOWL CON Looking to Return in 2017

“The world’s only horror & fantasy convention for Werewolf fans” is looking to come back in 2017! That little announcement came to me personally from the “Con Alpha” Stephen Couchman himself when  I saw him at Furlandia in Portland, Oregon, this past weekend.

HOWL CON plans on hosting another convention in the Portland, Oregon, in February 2017, as also announced on their Facebook page. The registration campaign is planned to run from July 1, 2016 to August 15, 2016, through Indiegogo.

More information and details will be updated on HOWL CON’s Facebook page.

I will have more thoughts about the HOWL CON return after I have more information. For now, I want to help get the word out sooner.

Editor’s note: The website www.HowlCon.com appears to had been removed at the time of publishing of this post.