The Ugly Werewolf ‘Interview With the News’ is Thoughtful, Amusing

Last night I enjoyed listening to a great podcast from The Ugly Werewolf, “#12 The Ugly Werewolf: Interview With the News.” The recent episode features the Portland (Ore.)-based host, Nodnash, and the guest, err “a guest” A. Quinton, the founder of the werewolf website and the editor of the “Monster Versus” series.

The episode dives deep into discussions about HowlCon 2017, the movie Teen Wolf, and a review on a Bad Dragon werewolf-related adult toy in an informative, thoughtful, and amusing discussion.

If you have 74 minutes of free time at home, you may want to give this episode a listen. I highly advise not to listen to this at work given some language and a discussion on adult toys.

One little disclaimer: this is the first of The Ugly Werewolf podcast I have listened to and I intend to listen to more later.

Now, go listen to “#12 The Ugly Werewolf: Interview With the News.”