Lupine Werewolf

He stood dressed in a black robe with a staff with a wolf head carved on the head. His ruffled black fur, glowing blue eyes, snarling off-white teeth and pink gums, the glossy black nose was prominent. Meet Lupine Werewolf.

I finally met Lupine Werewolf (Twitter as @RaymondRatayski) at the Biggest Little Fur Con in Reno, Nevada, this last weekend. Normally, he would wear a 30-link chain that weighs nearly 80 pounds, but for BLFC, he had to skip as that would be an issue for airline baggage.

The head work has incredible, realistic detail. I absolutely love the quality and detail on the head. The head was made by @Crystume, based in Sequim, Washington.

Lupine is from Pennsylvania.

A detail shot of the claws and the staff head.

The werewolf tag with badge and paw plate.

Lupine Werewolf (left) chats with Ranger, a German Shepherd.