The Masks of the West Coast Haunters Convention


The West Coast Haunters Convention happened in Portland, Oregon, this past weekend. On the vendor show floor, a few werewolf masks were spotted on display from a few vendors.

The first series of masks featured is a well-crafted head (above) and hand claw glove set (below) sold by Necrotic Creation. The gray fur on both the head and gloves are crafted to give the fur a realistic and natural look on the gray “skin.” The eye holes are actually located inside the mouth, so this particular werewolf will be wandering around with its muzzle wide open. “Feed me!”

The craftsmanship quality and detail of this full-head mask makes it one of the pricier mask and glove sets.

On the economical side, there is this full head mask sold by Ghoul Gallery. The face of the snarling wolfman does have quite the underbite and large ears. The salt-and-pepper furring appears a bit blocky and the transition from the brown skin to fur is sharp. The eyes are through the standard eye holes.

The last set of masks are are face masks sold by Mad Monster Masks. The face masks sets do not cover the entire head and are in two pieces: the upper face and the lower jaw. The Timber Wolf is dark brown fur on a light brown skin. The Arctic Wolf is white fur with gray highlights on light gray skin. Both masks are reasonably priced and make for good party novelties.

Unfortunately, there were no animatronic werewolves on display this year, like the one I saw at WCHC 2012.