I’m Not Giving Up on HOWLCON

It is official now that HOWLCON II has cancelled or postponed for now. The werewolf convention on February 6-7, 2016, that was to be held in Kelso, Washington, about an hour north of Portland, Oregon, is not happening this year. In a way, I am a bit sad and devastated that it is not happening. I am also a bit relieved that it has been cancelled.

HOWLCON seems to have a run of bad luck every other year. The HOWLCON “Year Zero” in 2012 and HOWLCON 2015 turned out to be successful events, however HOWLCON 2013 and HOWLCON II (2016) have cancelled. The success rate has been 50-50.

If it were not for HOWCON’s chairman Stephen Couchman, there would be no werewolf convention in the Portland area. Stephen’s hard work and efforts have made HOWLCON something for me to enjoy. I am sad to see HOWLCON II has cancelled, because I was looking forward to meeting with other werewolf fans.

Then, I felt disappointed. I learned about HOWLCON II’s cancellation from A. Quinton of Werewolf-News. The disappointing part is that the cancellation word was going out through third party information than from the event organizer. @HOWLCONPDX on Twitter was silent since November 2015. Howlcon.com has not been updated since September 2015 until today with the cancellation explanation and apology, and on short notice.

I am feeling a little glad that HOWLCON did cancel. Kelso was just not the right location. HOWLCON needs to be centered in a major area like Portland where it is close to rail and air transportation. Kelso was too far out of the way for many. Adding to that, 2015 was not a great year for my PDXWerewolf.com, so I am using 2016 to build this site back up.

What do I hope for in 2017? For HOWLCON to become successful, it will need to be back in the Portland area. HOWLCON will need better outreach and communication. It may also face some challenges with trust from attendees, panelists, and vendors after two cancellations, and the poor communication. I hope to see HOWLCON learns from its challenges and work it for the better at HOWLCON 2017.

What about a refund? I purchased a Patron pass in February 2015 for HOWLCON II. I chose to have my pass rolled over to 2017 in anticipation for HOWLCON 2017. I’m not giving up.

See you at HOWLCON 2017.