This ‘Red Riding Hood’ Rewrite to Reflect Gay Rights Does Not Pass Muster posted a new take on of “Little Red Riding Hood” by Dr. Mark Creech on Monday does not pass muster with this wolf, me. You see, the tale was written to reflect the recent same-sex marriage ruling in the United States Supreme Court. The author at the explains at the end the representation of each character. First, go ahead and read “Marriage, a Wolf, and Little Red Riding Hood.”

I’ll give you a few minutes.

Okay, did you read it? Alright.

I can go on with a lengthy post on every minute detail in his analogy, but Dr Creech’s analogy has been nuked by one thing: you cannot compare gay rights and same-sex marriage with an act of murder, as used in his analogy. Same-sex marriage and gay rights promote individual life, liberty, and happiness, whereas murder obviously does not.

The judges decision? There’s a big difference in outcome for killing in self defense from harmful or fatal attacks versus killing on reasons of religious beliefs.

The “Little Red Riding Hood” same-sex marriage analogy rewrite doesn’t with comparing pursuing human rights with an act of evil.

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