Would You Take a ‘Werewolf Romance’ Writing Course?

In the world of the Internets, there are online courses for pretty much anything. There’s probably a few dozen online courses available for paranormal romance writing. How about an online course for writing werewolf romance?

On one such site, there is an online course for learning to write werewolf romance. On the Udemy site, the course title “Get Paid to Learn to Write Werewolf Romance” is available for $49. Why would such course be offered?

Paranormal romance is among today’s leading fiction genres. Some claim it’s a saturated market, but we know better. The trick is knowing which sub-genre to write in, and today you’ve found it!

The course is an introduction for writers who are interested in writing werewolf romance or “wererom” taught by “Sinister Lex” Lex DeVille, an entrepreneuer, author, and a U.S. Army veteran. The course includes over one hour of video instruction, PDFs on every topic, “tons of additional resources,” quizzes, and “start writing great wererom instantly!”

I’m not sure what the target goal is here: writing a successful werewolf romance or get rich quick. The course title “Learn to write wererom and make lots of money” sounds like I should be making lots of money learning, not pony up $49. Like every art or writing, it all takes practice to be good at it. It’s not anything that can be achieved overnight.

I’m debating on whether to pony up $49 to see if this works, or will it become a future result post. Results may vary by individual, too. If you have taken this course before, feel free to chime in your thoughts and experience in the comments below.