PDXWerewolf Backing Out, Withdrawing Support for HowlCon

To all my werewolf fans, I am deeply disappointed to announce that I am canceling my attendance at HowlCon 2017. In addition, I will no longer sponsor or support future HowlCon events under the management.

While HowlCon has not officially announced its cancellation, I find it very difficult to attend a convention blind, with no information on program and panels, vendors, and special guests. HowlCon’s Twitter and Facebook updates have went silent since mid-December. My emails to HowlCon’s chairman Steve Couchman inquiring on the convention programming last week and this past Wednesday have not been answered.

Also supporting my reason to cancel, I have learned tonight after a phone call with Ramada Inn Portland Airport that the hotel cancelled the convention. The reason for the cancellation, according to the hotel, is the hotel has not received the deposit funds from the convention organizer.

Keeping attendees, vendors, and guests in the dark and in suspense is unacceptable. Attendees have to plan for time off, travel, lodging, and convention expenses. I saw hope for the convention and very optimistic after the successes of HowlCon 2012 and 2015. As far as I am concerned, HowlCon has let me down. HowlCon has driven the last nail into the coffin. HowlCon has lost my trust.

It is sad, disappointing, and frustrating that this cancellation has once again happened. It has also taught me a lesson about sponsoring and attending future “start up” conventions.