‘Werewolf Airline Simulator 2016’ Now Arriving at Gate 8

Airline simulators are aplenty. The players typically find themselves sitting in the pilot seat, trying to perform an entire flight function from backout from Point A to parking at the gate at Point B. There is another flight simulator, but this one puts the player into the cabin.

Pestel Crew developed a simulator game, “Werewolf Airline Simulator 2016.” The goals: keep the passengers happy and the DC-10’s cabin clean. It is you, the shapeshifting flight attendant to do your job and not get fired. In the process, you may become a chainsaw-wielding werewolf, a skateboarding beaver, or a sweeping raccoon, all with the 70’s funk music.

For each success, the passengers cheer and the thick mustached pilot donning pilot cap and aviator glasses spins onto the screen.

“Werewolf Airline Simulator” is not rated. There is a bit of gore in some action. The game is available for download at Ludumdare.com.