Supernatural Registration Authority

The Supernatural Registration Authority (SRA) has been around for four and half years. I had the chance to learn more about the SRA and the background from its creator at HOWL CON last week.

SRA’s creator, Andrew Quinton, hosted a panel at “World Building Code: Creating the Supernatural Registration Authority.” The SRA is a government bureaucracy created in late 2010 that oversees supernatural beings. As stated on the SRA’s website, “the Supernatural Registration Authority is responsible for tracking the birth / creation, movement, employment and death / transubstantiation of the world’s supernatural entities.”

Okay, if you are taking all this seriously, what is the SRA really? Stated on SRA’s website, “the SRA is an exercise in world-building, programming and fun by three people who think monsters are cool.”

It’s a website having some fun with the fictional supernatural.

The SRA certificate you see in the image above was my personal copy I ordered (for a small fee) issued in November 2010. The SRA, as Andrew explained in the panel, no longer mails certificates because of labor and expenses. Registrants can apply and self-print the certificate online at the website,

If you should pursue a similar project, Andrew has some caveat, especially in projects that requires fulfilling orders. He explained to be prepared should your site becomes popular. Remember the “mail your enemies glitter” online ordering site where it became overwhelmed with too many order that it couldn’t keep up with the demands and cancelled all the orders.

The SRA is a neat concept and I like it. It would not be feasible for me to take on similar side projects with three websites, full-time job, and a community volunteer. I’m maxed out. However, in the free and fully automated approach is something that I could look into as a side project to learn some additional website development, time permitting of course.