Get Blown Away in ‘Having a Drink’

Director Randy Smith’s werewolf short Having a Drink story is a simple one. James (Ray Besharah) is an escort for wealthy women. One night, James decides he’s had enough and heads to a nearby bar named Oges. He tries to make some chit chat with the bar tender Sam (Ellen Manchee) until he’s interrupted. Two werewolves, Clyde (Nicholas Di Gateano) and Bonnie (Celine Filion), barge in and heist the bar with armed robbery. The werewolves are interested in only one particular loot and it’s not what one would think. The robbery turns into a bloody mess, but who will walk out alive?

Having a Drink story might not work for a full-feature cinematic movie for a 90-minute run time about a bar heist, but the 15 minute run time fits perfectly. Its use of practical makeup and effects for the most part is another appealing quality of this short feature video. However, there are some computer touchups as the DVD and Blu-Ray editions will explain in the “Well Fix It In Post” feature. The DVD/Blu-Ray editions also include other bonuses like the trailer, bloopers, and behind the scenes looks.

Copies of the DVD or Blu-Ray are available for order online for a reasonably low price. It’s lower prices of $3 for the DVD and $5 for Blu-Rray (plus shipping) can’t be beat (I paid $7.50 plus shipping in 2013).

Definitely pour yourself a double Old Onyschuk Scotch and enjoy this gem of a werewolf short feature.