HOWL CON Werewolf Movie Night at Kiggins Theatre

Once again, I took a trip to Vancouver to watch WolfCop in a theater again. This time WolfCop screened in Vancouver, Washington at the historic Kiggins Theatre alongside with Teen Wolf as part of the Werewolf Movie Night partnered with HOWL CON. I already reviewed WolfCop previously at which you can go check out.

Just before WolfCop, several short werewolf films were presented.

Our first feature is a campy fun short “The Furred Man.” This was about a man dressed in a werewolf suit and terrorizes campers at his camping resort. He is questioned by authorities for the death of the campers. He encounters a real werewolf.

The second feature was an adorable animation short. Forgive me, but I completely didn’t catch the title. It was about a little baby in a crib that transforms into a werewolf. The ending was just heart melting.

“Living with Lycanthropy” was one of my favorites. In a black-and-white format, a werewolf tells the tale of a day in his life with lycanthropy. It’s quite amusing, because it goes to show how Hollywood portrays werewolves versus “real life.” Brilliantly done. Be sure to check out the epilogue at the end.

“Red Moon” finishes off the series with downright cheap and cheesy props. Forget the cardboard submarine, the cheeseball moon, and a $10 fursuit, I found the story of a Soviet Russian submarine crew dealing with their captain who is also a werewolf quite entertaining. The story was quite good.

On a side note, I caught this juxtaposition on the WolfCop and Science on Tap “An Animals Guide to Dating Successposter. Given both seem to deal with animals, beer, and dating, I have to say well-played.