Kiggins Theatre werewolf movie night will include… ‘WolfCop’

img_wolfcop-dvdKiggins Theatre in Vancouver, Washington (not B.C.), broke some exciting news to me via Twitter earlier today that WolfCop will be showing on the weekend of HowlCon.

Kiggins’ Twitter, @KigginsTheatre tweeted, “@PDX_WerewolfUS Don’t tell anyone (ok yes, please do) we are also showing WOLFCOP as part of Howl Con that weekend!”

WolfCop, directed by Lowell Dean, and starring Leo Fafard, is about an alcoholic cop, Lou Garou, who becomes a badge-wearing, gun-carrying, alcoholic fuzzy arm of the law.

Last June, I made a trip out of the U.S. to Vancouver, British Columbia, for the sole reason to see WolfCop. I fell in love with the movie for its campy story, the practical effects, and simply because, Wolf Cop.

Kiggins Theatre is doing one WolfCop showing only on Friday, February 6, 2015. Kiggins said in an email they do not have the show time yet, “but somewhere in the 9:00 p.m. range.”

WolfCop does not have a MPAA rating, but expect it to be at least rated R for language, gore, sex, and a good look at some “wolfhood.”

Kiggins Theatre is also showing the 1985 campy werewolf movie, Teen Wolf, starring Michael J. Fox and James Hampton, starting also on Feb. 6th. It is rated PG for language.

(Note: This story was updated Jan. 18, 2015, 09:27 PDT)