Take Your Mother Out to Dinner in ‘Mom’

A son taking his mother out for dinner is a kind gesture of mother-son relationship. In the case of news reporter and son Clay Dwyer and his mother Emily, that may not be such a good thing in Mom.

News anchor Clay Dwyer (Mark Thomas Miller) visits his sweet, elderly mother, Emily (Jeanne Bates). Clay makes a holiday visit to his mother’s house. Emily also offers a room for rent at her house to Nestor Duvalier (Brion James) is a nomad who is also apparently a werewolf.

A sudden string of brutal murders take place in Los Angeles. The murders, however, are not like any other, instead appear to be animal-like attacks. Clay investigates the murders on his own and discovers who the demonic flesh-eating beasts are.

Mom feels mellow and tame without many elements of surprise throughout most of the film. It is also flick that offers the 1980s campy cinematic practical effect traits. This movie is a great selection for a movie night party with some riffing involved.

One question that the movie raises is, are the beasts in the movie werewolves or flesh-eaters? The face and eyes only transformed into the beast form. Everything else remained human.

True, the curse passed on through the bite. The transformation presented no fur and no claws. I added Mom to my werewolf movie line-up despite the questionable beast, but that remains open for a debate.

Mom is a 1991 comedy-horror directed by Patrick Rand. It is rated R for gore and language. The runtime is 95 minutes.

Image: MGM

  • Viergacht

    Granted it’s been a while since I saw it, but didn’t the creepy drifter guy say something about the creatures being the source of vampire AND werewolf legends? Ah well, I liked the flick and consider it an honorary werewolf.

    • Nestor did say something to that effect. It was worth it for me. It actually had a higher score than some of the actual werewolf movies I have seen.