That ‘Grimm’ Feeling

With “Grimm” season 5 underway intensely, the series never fails to keep me at the edge of my seat. I recall close to the end of Season 4, which hexenbeist Juliett torched Nick’s trailer, the silver classic Airstream that contained all the grimm artifacts that was handed down from his Aunt Marie. The trailer in the series is charcoal now.

The trailer once sat in a storage yard in NW Portland near the Fremont Bridge through Season 3 until being moved out to the forest at the end of Season 3.

Much to my surprise on Monday out in the Columbia River Gorge shooting photos, I came across this one silver trailer sitting in the forest alone. There were no paths or vehicles¬† near it. I thought to myself, “Anut Marie’s trailer reincarnated! Sweet!”

It was a perfect scene. It literally looked ripped from “Grimm.” I felt as if I just stepped onto the set of “Grimm.”

“Grimm” is filmed in the Portland (Ore.) area.

Well, it looked very close to the trailer in “Grimm” except for having a single window instead of double, and a few other small details.